Camilla Wilkinson
Chris Bryant

Margate's social and environmental changes are the context for our investigation into the relation of architecture and time. It is 10 years since Turner Contemporary arrived in Margate, bringing new architecture and cultural opportunities in the seaside town. Through 2 briefs, aiming to engage a wide variety of residents in Margate, we began to explore what value architecture brings to this seaside town and what a fresh, unfettered approach might offer.
DS(2)5 explores spatial possibilities through model making and drawing. With equal emphasis on the development of early conceptual models and research into programme, context and construction techniques, we have encouraged students to develop multi layered architectural concepts based on Bernard Tschumi's text 'Architecture and Concepts'.
DS(2)5 has explored the positive impact that architecture can have but also become aware of how closely we must engage with the context of our projects in order for it to be achieved.

Guest critics: Joe Bacon, Fran Ballam, Alastair Blyth, Stanislava Boskovic, Corinna dean, Cosmo de Piro (ADNOC), Holly Galbraight (Niall McLaughlin Architects), Sean Griffiths, Chris Hildrey (Hildrey Studio), Maja Jovic, Abigail Morris (Fairfield Heritage), Natalie Newie, Chris Romer-Lee (Studio Octopi).

Special thanks: Alastair Blyth, Stanislava Boskovic (Imperial College, London), Ollie Briggs, Arts Education Exchange Margate, Valeria Carullo, RIBA, Patricia Lora, Boaz Kogon, RMIT Barcelona, Eva Prats, Ricardo Flores and Julia Doz (Flores Prats Arcquitectes)