DS 3.3


Constance Lau


Constance Lau practices and teaches architecture in London and Singapore. The studio’s research interests in multiple interpretations and narratives are explored through the techniques of montage as well as notions of dialectical allegory. Narrative as an ongoing dialogue in architectural design is further articulated through publications and especially projects in the book Dialogical Designs (2016).


Stephen Harty


Stephen Harty is a practicing architect and director of Harty and Harty, an agency that specialises in art sector projects including galleries and artist studios. He studied at The Mackintosh School Architecture, Glasgow School of Art, The Bartlett and the AA.


Guest Critics

Will McLean
Peter Silver
Aleksandra Kravchenko and John Zhang



A big thank you to Nada Maktari @maktariarchitecture, for the energy you invested in the design of the studio banner, and your infinite patience as we navigated the galaxy. May the force be with you indeed! Also, Mervin Loh, Nada Maktari and Silvia Galofaro who have contributed as mentors, critics and assistant tutors. Your time with the studio is much appreciated.



To team alumni: Na-Pat Tengtrirat, Mervin Loh, Diana Sacco, Irgel Enkhsaikhan, Silvia Galofaro and Nada Maktari for their time, inspiring presentations and encouragement.


The year, the creation of multiple interpretations is furthered through spatial explorations in Michel Foucault’s notions of heterotopia and heterotopic spaces. These allude to ‘counter-spaces’ that occur in the voids and/or peripheries of established locations and more importantly, comprise of layers of meaning within their apparent uses and contexts. The project site is located in multifaceted ‘Little Britain’, a microcosm of the City of London. These discussions are used to formulate post-pandemic narratives. A Repository for The Museum of London, People, Places and Ideas references ‘Alvin Boyarsky’s Delicatessen’ and the metaphors concerning people, places and ideas employed to describe an international network that emphasised knowledge exchange. Fifty years on, the proposal for a Repository looks to explore new arguments concerning heterotopia, virtual access and new ideas of site in architecture. In a post-pandemic design world, the career of a multi-tasking but still rather singular role of an architect has and will further become multiple careers in the new normal. While teaching methodologies used to focus on the different ways to describe architecture, they must now include discussions about different ways to be an architect. These issues are addressed through dialogue in the design process in Post-Pandemic Proto-Practices and An Interdisciplinary School of Design.