Corinna Dean
Neil Kiernan
Duarte Santo

DS 2 01 WETLANDS/BADLANDS - land and water interwoven architectures

Observe, test, draw, model, re-examine the process and re-examine the programme, what does my building do, how and for who, and within what context?
Methods: Our studio has an emphasis on material culture, pursuing the possibilities of materials and making, casting, and modelling

Des A WALTHAMSTOW WETLANDS Des B Save the Lea Marshes Campaign brief

Students identified and described what is Common Ground in an urban context with reference to urban landscapes. Referencing former industrial or working landscapes we examined the Walthamstow Wetlands. Its adjacency to major built up urban areas raises interesting issues about thresholds, shifts, barriers, adjacencies, indicators. The reinterpretation of large swathes of landscape close to urban areas for urban recreational use is a contemporary phenomenon that can be observed in many metropolitan regions and was the central thesis for the studio. The second semester students worked with the Save Lea Marshes Campaign, on the Thames Water Depot Site, Lea Valley to repsond to introducing a balance of local ecologies and the public into the former industrial site. The Studio worked with the School of Speculation and consulated with the campaign group."

Marcus Lee, Nordic, Celia Coran-Save Lea Marshes, Phil Longman, Maria Chiara,