Course Leader

Richard Difford

From experiencing the city to inscribing it on paper, MArch is underpinned by the community of the studios creating, assimilating and designing the way in which we as a society may approach the urban landscape of the future.
DS16 explored the marble factories of Carrara, Italy.
MArch celebrated this year’s RIBA President’s Medals awards whose winners this year included Ruth Pearn (Dissertation Medal), Fiona Grieve (Dissertation Commendation), Rachel Wakelin (Serjeant Award for Excellence in Architectural Drawing) and Sun Yen Yee (SOM Foundation Fellowship).
DS11 celebrated the harsh Icelandic landscape through the delicacy of line. The opportunities presented to the students by the Fabrication Lab are introduced at the start of the year through the MArch ‘banquet’, providing a chance to get to know one another and to learn some valuable digital fabrication skills.
Crits are the milestones against which progress through the studio year can be measured. They are also a celebration of the students work and a chance for lively discussion and debate, as illustrated here by DS22 and studio leaders Nasser Golzari and Yara Sharif.