by Nafeesa Banaras

This project is made of a combination of two materials: bamboo and plaster. Bamboo is used as a hard material and plaster as a soft one. The strongest parts of the bamboo are the nodes (which look like knuckles). Therefore, in this project I have utilised bamboo in its natural form. In order to imply softness in plaster, I experimented with the fragility and tactility of the material.  Then I moved on to mark-making, where I used bamboo to make imprints in clay. The texture was effectively captured, resulting in a beautiful finish in the plaster. I was intrigued by the imprint left by poking; hence, I chose to include this method in my final design. The dual-materiality retail space is where people can wander through and around to encounter an interactive bamboo forest atmosphere. They're also able to experience a sense of touch through the textured walls and ceiling.