by Celine Quynh Chi Le


Celine Quynh Chi Le




BA Interior Architecture

“A Peaceful Pace” Soft Spot is a small exhibition having a lot of interacting moments of people where people can discover more about Peckhamplex, Peckham-Proud and Creativity. The exhibition will play a role as a flashback cassette showing all the important historical events of the area itself for every generation. To show gratitude for the old generation who has been one of the people who decided for Peckham and to encourage as well as tell a story for the new generations. And besides telling its story, it also provides a natural peaceful space to welcome people to enjoy when they visit. Getting the best out of natural light during the day and the artificial light in the evening, the space will become a character who is both willing to listen and talk to the people coming through. Listening to them by offering a peaceful moment in a private pod space with nature and telling a story about itself while they stay there.