by Emily Davey

I chose resin as my soft material and I was given plywood as my hard material. The aim of the project was to combine the materials, whilst displaying their qualities, in order to create a retail space for a graduate fashion designer- Vivian Canadas. As my client, Vivian Canadas, explored many natural features within their work, I wanted to reflect this by using both of my materials in different ways. The plywood was manipulated into a cliff-face like edge which ran around the edge of the retail space. The plywood structure also gave the space an opportunity to inhabit changing and store rooms which hid behind the structure. Similarly, the resin would have been poured in different colours and layers, on the floor, to give the illusion of water. The resin would also double up in use of display cases to capture the clients interest in the wind. In my images displayed, is my design proposal of my intentions against the existing site, which was 67 Bond Street London. Please click my website link to my personal portfolio which gives you an opportunity to see more of my projects.