DS 2.6


Victoria Watson


Victoria is an architect and a Senior Lecturer at the University, she is the director of Doctor Watson Architects, who design and publish work about architecture.


Kirti Durelle


Kirti is an architect and a PhD student in architectural history at the Bartlett, UCL. He also teaches at the LSA.


Guest Critics

Jessica Mulvey
Jay Patel
Tom McLucas & Alex Oltean (DWA&Co) Will McLean & Paolo Zaide.



To the ex 2_06 students who came and presented their projects: Joe Robinson, Hannah Ismail, Jason Lai, Yuen-Wah Williams, Amber Collinson


The studio continues making proposals for the International Institute of Cosmism (IIC). In the light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the IIC is developing a site in London’s historic centre and financial district, known as the City. Since lockdown, the City has lost something of its dynamism, no longer as dense with bodies, business and tourism as before. The IIC regard the change as an opportunity to think about a potential new kind of architecture. Their approach involves travelling in two different directions at once, on the one hand, back to the seventeenth century, to look at the adventures in architecture and science that arose at the time of the Great Fire. On the other hand, to the future and a not-too-distant time, when tele-transportation becomes available as a viable alternative to current modes of transport. To begin, the IIC ask for architectural proposals for the design of two related buildings for a site, close to St Pauls, on Ludgate Hill: first, a Mathematical House, second, a College of Natural Philosophy. Together, House and College form a School, where Cosmists can think about the past and future, as a way of metabolising the present.