by Madison Lockwood


Madison Lockwood


BA Architecture

INPUT: Waste plastics

PROCESSES: sorting; cleaning; processing into 3D printing filaments; digital project design; 3D printing

SPACES: recycling centre; plastics processing plant; education space; 3D printers; product gallery

OUTPUT: 3D printed objects; increased understanding of recycling and additive manufacture; community education

DESCRIPTION: This project takes waste plastics and reuses it to make filaments for additive manufacturing processes (commonly known as 3D printing). The building contains facilities for processing waste plastics alongside places where members of local communities can learn about 3D printing, create or modify their own designs and then print the objects themselves. The project would include a system whereby those who donate plastics receive free use of the other facilities in exchange. A key element of the design is a fa├žade made up of 3D printed panels that can be added and changed as the use of the building evolves.