by Maria Ruano Delgado


Maria Ruano Delgado


BA Architecture

INPUT: Unwanted tech; broken appliances

PROCESSES: Sorting, recycling & upcycling; creation of electronic art; education of the public

SPACES: Repair shop; workshops; recycling facilities; design studio; event space & bar

OUTPUT: Repaired electronics; electronic art; increased understanding of techology

DESCRIPTION: London produces just under 18 million metric tonnes of waste a year. It highlights that up to an estimated 40 per cent of e-waste collected in the UK – up to 209,000 tonnes – is illegally exported overseas, while around 155,000 tonnes of e-waste are sent to domestic landfill or incineration sites. The Design focuses on the Rethink, Recycle, Repurpose and Reuse of products. The ground floor is an exhibition/ social area where we hold event with guest speakers from the Dorkbot organisation. Moreover, the first floor is dedicated to the breaking down of the products into different coloured square bins done by volunteers. On the second floor the materials are used by the community on workshops such as: ‘How to build your own PC’, ‘Potato Battery’ or even electronic art which can be exhibited on the ground floor. The design contains elements on the façade that allow the public to donate their e-waste straight to the first floor without even entering the building.