by Pramila Cox-Sehmi


Pramila Cox-Sehmi



BA Architecture

The Gurdwara museum is designed in response to the ongoing protests against the oppression of the Punjabi farmers by three new laws passed by the Indian government in 2020. The concept for this building is to create a pedestrian gateway to Hounslow Gurdwara (Sikh temple). The museum has been planned for multi-use occupation that includes the culture museum and collection exhibition space with internal and external routes that lead from the road to the temple and (proposed) allotments. One of the exhibits, a chimney issuing yellow smoke from the building, acts as a signal to bring people together echoing the smoke bombs used in the protests. The multi-use building consists of the museum, a library space to hold the temple’s current collection, a temporary exhibition space for local schools and art groups, a roof garden to reflect on the museum contents and an allotment. The allotments allow local residents to volunteer to grow fresh food that can be used in the temple kitchens, which are free and open to the public. It is a space that brings together a community and allows them to learn about their culture, or the culture of their neighbours, and to discuss and celebrate it.

Short animation showing how yellow smoke chimney brings people together and through to the temple