by Halima Haq

The key concept of this building is to reflect the theme of the museum – climate change. Through an architectural manifestation that combines the ‘old’ (core structure) and ‘new’ (external stair, roof garden) is the retrofit of an existing Victorian building. The attempt to challenge some conventions of a traditional museum is intentional. The replacement of quiet exhibit spaces and a gift shop, with active exhibition spaces and café positioned directly across the road from McDonald’s, is a social and political challenge. The user experience is stimulated through the various senses, colours, smells, sounds, textures and even taste – a clear link back to Cedric Price’s Magnet project. The museum will act as a community structure by rounding out the education, events, and activities available to the public. Fighting climate change has never been so urgent. It has been estimated by the United Nations that we have only 11 years left to prevent irreversible damage to the globe and its climate. Raising awareness and educating people is the first step towards making a difference.