by Sharaye Campbell

The Flourishing Fortress is a learning centre powered by the collective of young migrants, under the age of 18 living in the outskirts of Paris. The project catechises the notion of heterotopia and offers an alternative world for the migrant youth to reclaim their rights to the city. All self build elements of the project have the ability to be personalised, organised and developed by the individual. The ability to independently harvest ones own produce will support the new migrant community, whether that be selling food they produce at the allotments or networking and finding new opportunities within ‘The Flourishing Fortress’, to learn and exchange knowledge. The projects aim was to form a space that would allow respect for all people, regardless of their circumstance, financial background or race; protecting the most vulnerable citizens and people that can not always protect themselves. The Garden Labs can serve as a place of comfort and belonging as well as an opportunity to network with local Parisians and become more involved in society as a young person.