by Eda Morina


Eda Morina


BA Interior Architecture

My social hub’s goal is to help young people be more expressive with their emotions and talents through drama. Changing into different characters, will allow them to be more free with their emotions as due to COVID-19, young people have been affected the most by leaning more to technology to help them get through it. This is where the theme of transformation and flexibility evolved and inspired my design of the building’s space. As students would be able to turn into any character and be able to transform the stage into any shape, to allow them to be creative with the way the stage could match the performance. Changing the shape to create a Shakespearean stage or circle stage to make an impact on the audience. Designing the space to be more flexible by moving blocks around the whole building for a stage design, seating for the audience and for learning in the studios, makes the space used efficiently.

This video gives an overview of the different aspects focused on the Stage Is Yours hub project. Why I chose to adapt and design this building a certain way, linking to COVID-19 and young peoples mental health.