Course Leader

Chloe Van der Kindere

Course Info

BA Interior Architecture

Interior Architecture considers spaces from the perspective of the user and our starting point is always an existing building. We focus on the visceral experience of space to draw out atmosphere.

Using existing buildings as our design springboard allows us to assess what should be sustainably retained and what needs to be altered. Our projects are centred on the context within which our sites are located.

This year the urban and cultural context within which we designed has been diametrically shifted by the pandemic. We observed these changes and how they affected the spaces we used. This led us to reflect on how this period of change affected the wellbeing of our communities and to experiment with new types of spaces required to support our new life patterns.

In response to the pandemic, our students were often able to use sites they uncovered locally. This enabled us to have a rich exchange of cultures in our studios and to deepen our understanding and appreciation of the distinctive and layered spaces we encounter.

We have also engaged in wider projects this year with a series of workshop events with Imperial College for a ‘Co-Production Project on Mental Health, Design and Wellbeing’ and a course-wide competition event with the Royal Society of Arts – Design Students Awards.