by Mohamed Alkhaja


Mohamed Alkhaja



BA Architecture

My pleasure garden proposed is for the community living in and around Robin Hood Gardens in Poplar East London. The Automated Diner is defined as a place of pleasure in which the customer experiences the cooking of eggs within the confinement of their dining space. The proposal includes a cottage for the caretaker (Miss Rollings) who never leaves her bed, inhabits and controls the machinery through the filter of a monitoring screen. This proposal is her own “pleasure biome” where she overviews the chicken coops and the magical kitchen-diner. Contextualized by the government’s surveillance of citizens through the camera obscura and screens. Televisions act as the threshold between the caretaker and the pleasure garden. Robin Hood Gardens estate is in the process of being demolished and in remembrance of Streets of the skies, an open corridor that has access to the flats of the community occupying Robin Hood Gardens. I wanted to pay homage to its memory through replacing the flats with coops for chickens to wander and are comfortable encouraging them to produce healthy eggs. A mutual respect in exchange between the chickens and people where they provide the eggs and in return are in a healthy environment.