by Eleni Savvaidi


Eleni Savvaidi


BA Architecture

My project is for a pleasure garden for the community living in and around Robin Hood Garden in Poplar East London. My client is Issa and his family one of the main characters of the ?lm “Les Miserables”. Issa lives in Montfermeil a city close to Paris. The police o?cers  are tasked with ?nding and retrieving the cub. Aim of my pleasure garden is to design a garden where Issa is going to have all the necessities he missed from his old neighbourhood. My pleasure garden is going to host a yearly event for the national recycling week, the “Autumn leaf collection”. Reverse Motion Theatre is a place where performance does not only take place in within the stage but throughout. Its transparency allows for the audience to fully experience what’s behind the scenes from costume making to scene craftsmanship. The design of the building is inspired by the ?uidity of the choreographic movement of my client Zoe Tankard who is a contemporary dancer.