by Owen Nagy

The Diamond Recycling Centre explores the design and integration of a jewellery retail and production space neighbouring Brook Street and New Bond Street within the heart of Mayfair. The project is comprised of the renovation and redevelopment of 2 existing properties on the site which are then connected via a series of rooftop extensions. The key focuses of the project include the programmatic requirements and design language associated with a highly bespoke jewellery retail space within the heart of Mayfair, as well as the theme of replica and the value which a replica can possess in the preservation and development of architectural history and context (the theme of replica was also explored within the first project ‘Precious Reflections’, looking at negative castings of the listed 1925 Façade of the Lloyds Building in the style of Rachel Whiteread). Through the evolution of replicas taken of listed building components around the site, replica mounts and structural design systems are considered, leading to a unique design language which characterises the facades of the project, particularly the Jewellery Workshop entrance. The internal structure required to support these mounts then leads to the unique light industrial qualities which are explored and capitalised upon throughout the workshop's design language.