by Dilber Yesildal


Dilber Yesildal


BA Interior Architecture

Spirit of the Stage is a dance and music therapy. It is aimed for all age groups who have mental health disorders or disabilities. The aim of the social hub is to help these people overcome their fears and insecurities and to improve on their social skills as well as to reduce stress. Here, they will learn different types of dances and songs from a variety of cultures and also learn a selection of traditional musical instruments. Learning about different cultures and traditions through dance and music will have an impact on their relationships and communications with other people. Every month some participants will perform to the local community and the collected money will go to the homelessness charity organisations. The concept is inspired by piano keys how they align, layer and contrast. The concept designs are found on the staircase, railing, waiting area and stage for the activities and performances. I also have a 45° axonometric drawing to 1:1 scale of my modular construct in semester 2. For this task, we had to draw the model and use colour for the different strips of cardboard to make what we have drawn clear. Drawing this has helped me understand the structure of my model in a fixed perspective.