by Yusuf Arfaan


Yusuf Arfaan


BA Architecture

Terraforming is the process of modifying the atmosphere, temperature, topography and ecology of a planet or moon to be like the environment of Earth, making it habitable for Earth-like life. This semester, the International Institute of Cosmism has asked us to design a college to further achieve their ideology of making humans immortal. This College trains students in the art of terraforming as a means of encouraging them to think about nature in new ways and to rethink their relationship to it. The college does this using an internal courtyard and by allowing each space to interact with the natural environment in a different way; from use of light to create certain shadows, to an entire wall sliding away for ventilation and sunlight. The internal courtyard also acts as a natural clock so the college can follow the seasons and open during the summer or close off during the winter. It also invites in the public with seating for the cafes behind the college. Each space also creates a place where one can work in a group, independently or just stay in the room, and do anything.