by Elifnur Ulucay


Elifnur Ulucay



BA Architecture

Commissioned by the International Institute of Cosmism, my project consists of a mathematical house for my natural philosopher, an anatomist, and a college of natural philosophy. Both projects are located at Ludgate Hill, on a podium. Additionally, both projects have a uniform double skin façade creating a natural ventilation system using azolla, a hydroponic plant, in the cavity. Whilst the exterior sheath of my mathematical house is a Christopher Wren tower, I developed the interior spaces by exploring anatomy in architecture. Observing and researching on the geometry of anatomy, anatomical systems in architecture and specific spaces like anatomical theatres. Creating concept sketches and models by focusing on three figurative elements to my spatial design: ‘organ’ spaces, ‘tissue’ spaces and connectivity between them. The college of bio-engineering is designed for university students, practising doctors, academics and researchers. It explores the concept of increasing life expectancy of people with illnesses that shorten their lifespan, using medicine and modern technologies, which I’ve interpreted from the cosmist idea of immortality. The proposal for my college of natural philosophy is made up of two buildings, a library building and a research centre.