by Ajvi Allmuca


Ajvi Allmuca


BA Architecture

Keeping in mind the design of the Mathematical House and Helmholtz interest in the physics and geometry of the universe I saw the theories of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky as the most appropriate connection between my natural philosopher and cosmism. Tsiolkovsky believed that life was spread through the universe and envisioned the future of humanity on other planets. To make that future a reality I dedicated this college building to preparing future generations for a space journey. While shaping out the proposal I looked back at one of my main precedents, the Endless House and its architect Frederick Kiesler. His drawings affected the design of the Mathematical House so it further connects the relationship between the two buildings. One of his quotes inspired me to look at more dynamic and organic precedent images. The quote was “Form does not follow function. Function follows vision. Vision follows reality.” Other architects I looked to for inspiration during my creative process include; Luigi Moretti, Wesley Jones, Tom Wiscombe and Lebbeus Woods. Their designs led me to create a building not bound by the laws of gravity. By looking at several artistic renders of space and the human brain I ended up with this design.