by Finlay Johnson


Finlay Johnson


MArch Architecture

This project recognises the fragility of global trade. Covid induced panic buying and the blockage of the suez canal have highlighted this reality. Climate change will continue to put pressure on global trade an the near future will cause food shortages in the UK. Selfsustaining Tilbury showcases a proposal for ports becoming production hubs instead of distribution centres. Building materials are upcycled from the existing infrastructure on site. Aquaponics and dwellings are the focus of the proposal as well as providing the technology to allow the uk to feed its inhabitants (aquaponics in this instance) offering food growing facilities within the home will help to lead a culturalshift. A series of canals act as flood defences and will aid the thermal mass properties of the site. The earth gained from digging the canals will be used to construct walls offering further thermal mass properties.