by Thibaut Poeuf


Thibaut Poeuf




MArch Architecture

Tilbury is a complex environment where many typologies are entangled. Marshlands and industrial port, historical forts and dense town, trains and ferries, tide and winds... I chose to work within the relation between Tilbury and its waters. The core idea of the project is shipbuilding. Creating a high-end sailing yachtyard within the Tilbury Port embrace the opportunity to take advantage of the port’s connections with the Thames and to re-dynamise Tilbury with an attractive activity. High-end yachts are the results of long exchanges between architects, engineers, sponsors, and athlete (when racing boats are built) and most of the time, these groups are separated by hundreds of kilometres. Tilbury’s Yachtyard aims to gather all the people required to build the most high-end and high-tech sailing yachts, from designing, testing, producing and launching.