by Sofia Rota


Sofia Rota


BA Architecture

INPUT: Waste plastics of various types

PROCESSES: sorting; cleaning; processing; toy making

SPACES: recycling centre; plastics processing plant; toy factory; toy shop; play areas

OUTPUT: Toys; games; reduction in plastic waste; increase in awareness of recycling and material sourcing

DESCRIPTION: The project is based on the concept of circular economy, using Peckham as the site. This process can help to reduce the waste of most materials, but in this case, the focus is on plastics. Plastic toys play a key role in the recycling area since most of the time, they are not being reutilized. I extended this idea by having children as the aim of the workshop and by doing so, they will have fun creating toys, but they will also understand how important recycling is. The structure is fun and colourful, and thanks to the bright glass panels on the fa├žade, the indoor spaces are filled with coloured light games.