by Hamza Can Keskin


Hamza Can Keskin


BA Architecture

Being inspired by Brick Lane’s past which Phil Maxwell documented, the project was designed to revive what Brick Lane and its community lost which is what made the area popular. The project involves bringing in ideas which can benefit the community and tourists resulting in a massively positive impact. A learning space which promotes the cultural identity of the area and allows all communities including children to be involved with cooking classes, a restaurant based on curry houses to revive the area’s loss in recognition. Additionally, making the area more sustainable and greener by introducing ideas which can promote an eco-friendly environment, e.g., greenhouse for people to grow their own spices and vegetables which can also be aided to local curry houses. The building designed connects to an existing building to prevent consuming space. Visitors can experience a unique atmosphere as they can enter through the Truman brewery building straight towards the first floor which leads to the greenhouse via staircase.