by Milan Lad

Located next to the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, my project is a counter proposal to Buckley-Gray Yeoman’s, which received criticism specifically relating to gentrification. The BGY proposal included offices and shops that didn’t represent the area. Not only this, but the proposals would disturb residents of Woodseer Street Market. My proposal is the ‘Woodseer Street Market and Gardening Centre’ which includes a South Asian market, allotments, a small greenhouse, and a learning centre in which residents can improve their gardening skills for the allotments they own. The market is representative of the local Bangladeshi community and will have stalls which promote the existing businesses on Brick Lane. Furthermore, there are several allotment spaces for occupants of Brick Lane and Woodseer Street who can grow their own produce. For novice gardeners there is a learning centre which will teach them how to maintain a small allotment. There is also a small greenhouse which is open for public viewing. The counter proposal is representative of the local area and community which has built Brick Lane to be what it is today and exposes the wonderfully unique culture of Brick Lane to a wider community on the doorstep of Central London.