by Hicham Abari


Hicham Abari


BA Architecture

The Wake Up Call Pleasure Garden does not only address the climatic crises through embodied energy but serves as an exhibition that raises awareness to the environmental crises our planet is facing. It manifests how one might react to it in the future if no action is taken now. Designed for an environmental refugee Its amphibious design ensures its survival providing her with a dwelling and a place to share her passion of vegetable cultivating and cooking with the local community for generations to come. It also consists of a constructed wetland which cleans water, absorbs carbon emissions, and increases flora and fauna in the park.The Past and Future Theatre is a place where the youth of Whitechapel can perform and express their cultures and identities freely. The theatrical experience does not only take part in the theatre space but throughout the site with a journey containing a series of interstitial spaces inspired from the rich industrial history of the site and the irregularities and beauty of the alleys of the area. The foyer is everything that is happening around the main theatre from a bar, coffee shop and kiosks that serve as a history timeline of local craftsmanship to open courtyards and settings designed for public performances.