by Riane Oukili

The garden is focused around a landscape that incorporates the aspirations of the mayor for the community where he would live and meet with local people. This initiative is a response from his political commitments to the residents. The pleasure garden offers a place of discovery and community focus where users can experience the memories that were previously located in Robin Hood Garden. A new environment aimed towards both social and environmental sustainability. Offers its occupants the opportunity to work in close contact with nature, scattered around squares, pedestrian areas and green spaces. Located in Whitechapel, the entirely new model of accommodation reimagines the future of refugee facilities, adapting to shifting populations and a diversity of family configurations. The creation of a theatre will also encourage a social and cultural exchange with the participants by regenerating the area and integrating asylum seekers. The project allows for simple configuration changes thanks to adaptable partitions and a system of modular units that serve as mechanisms to help temporary residents to become self- sustaining individuals.