by Saya Agha

Translucent playhouse located in Whitechapel is a contemporary dance theatre located on Osborn Street right behind Whitechapel Gallery. My client Art is in Motion which is a contemporary dance company founded by Zoe Tankard and Alison Thomas. Both Zoe and Alison are passionate about making work that sits at the intersection between dance and performance art, they use costuming, set, sculpture and film to create multidisciplinary performances for theatre, gallery and site-specific spaces. The client’s communication and expression on dancing have the main idea of creating a program that allows the younger generation of the community of Whitechapel to express themselves and have their voices heard. The program consists of a contemporary theatre space enclosed by continuous balconies on 3 levels and a central pit dance floor set like a Shakespearian drama, where both actors and audience are part of the performance. The theatre where the public is separated from the private spaces by a secret living wall, followed by changing rooms and rehearsal spaces. There are two entrances, one for the client and the other for the public. The site is enclosed by draping fabric and mist attracting visitors. The mist generated within the courtyard reflects concepts of time and climate. When the accumulating mist reaches full density, visitors experience the perception of a blurry sight and a slowing down of time.