by Zadee Garrigue


Zadee Garrigue




MArch Architecture

My first project aims to revitalise an under-utilised piece of city infrastructure, in this case the bollard, to promote the re-greening of the city, initiate community engagement in climate change, and provide an important moment of escape from city life through a re-connection with nature. Continuing these values my second project aims to revive the lost River Fleet to create a new type of public space which encourages Londoners to re-evaluate their relationship with nature. As well as cleaning the water, the infrastructure created along the river will be used to grow Endangered British Wildflowers before they are re-distributed throughout London in a guerrilla gardening-type initiative. The structure holds potted plants; each arranged and tailored to create the optimum growing condition for each unique species. This project became an exploration of one of the proposed sites along the river. This intervention aims to create new opportunities for communities to engage with nature at a public level, while simultaneously creating multiple environments for private escape. Whether it be in the crypts below ground, into which the tiled waterfalls fall and drown out the noise of the city, or in the treetop viewpoints that poke out of the vast planes of potted wild-flowers.