by Sarah Al Abed

The aim of the project is to reinvent and repurpose HM Wormwood Scrubs Prison, located in Acton. The purpose of The Garden of Eves is to support vulnerable women who have been through the criminal justice system or are at risk of entering/re entering it. We hope to build confidence, resilience and wellbeing of these women. Moreover, we hope to support these women with emotional, psychological and physical aid through various forms of therapy and creative programmes. Be able to offer these women legal help as well as getting them back on their feet through learning a new skill and applying it to a profession. We want to make sure children stay with their mothers in this safe environment. There will be various types of housing within the Garden of Eves such as, permanent accommodation for people employed onsite, the ‘retreat’ which will alternate residents on an annual basis and emergency accommodation for women who need urgent support.