by Malgorzata Socha

The aim of the project was to transform the Wormwood Scrubs Prison and radically reinvent its use as a residential community for refugees seeking asylum in the UK. The projects provides a vibrant and socially integrated living environment with easy access to the resources required to allow the refugee residents to re-establish themselves and their lives with integrity and opportunity. The site is opened up and integrated with adjacent context through a number of masterplan strategies including the demolition of the non-original parts of the buildings, as well as the surrounding brick wall. The Bricks from the demolition are then used in various ways across the site including building elements, landscaping, and interior fitout. The masterplan covers a range of different facilities designed by various members of the group with the main focus being on a Primary School with an Open air Sunday market underneath the School, Shared Library with Study Spaces and a Community Swimming Pool and by Me, a Museum / Gallery Space by Andreas, a Community Centre with Multi Faith Spaces by Jacky and a Life Long Learning Centre, Culinary School and Covered Market by Will