by Aya Nasr

Amid the scattered diversity, the community and framed views stretch out beyond the site. Community Haven responds to this, diversifying the up-and-coming ethnographic census along the River Lea by engaging people of multiple ethnic backgrounds to occupy with Community Haven. Its design driver to strategically bring individuals of many backgrounds is through many common interests - shopping. Therefore, designing market stalls to interpret a journey’s pathway is a simplistic, yet a playful element to this architectural world. After all, we design the architecture around the community, not vice versa. While the internal journey is exciting, framing key views to extend beyond the site’s boundaries is a rigorous element to allow a healing, once fragmented, community feel they are watching through a viewport to a destination that seems small to them from a distance, but larger up close. This playful perspective tool can enable a viewer to distort their own viewport by changing their position and observe something completely unique: An aim for one to admire special moments throughout their journey within Community Haven.