by Blessing Sulaiman


Blessing Sulaiman



MArch Architecture

Millions of people every year suffer from fuel poverty and thousands of people die every year because it's too cold in the winter and in some cases from rising temperatures in the summer. It is time to take the climate emergency very seriously. We exist as a linear economy at the moment; a system birthed out of the capitalist meritocracy that we have been forced to be part of for the past 2 centuries. Expansionism is a self-coined term from the Colonial European expansion into the developing world, with the purpose to increase the “amount of land ruled by a country” as a way to “free the people from their barbaric systems” and bring them into civilisation. Eco-Expansionism re-coins this word by encouraging the repossessing of land once owned by the public and local authorities, coupled with capitalist policy and socialist ideology, to address our current climate emergency and tackle the vast amounts of social and economic inequality plaguing our planet at the moment. With land ownership comes power!