DS 22


Nasser Golzari


Nasser Golzari and Yara Sharif are award winning architects and academics with an interest in design as a mean to facilitate and create resilient communities. Combining research with design their work runs parallel between their architectural practice NG Architects, their research team; PART and their Design Studio DS22 at the University of Westminster. Golzari and Sharif have won a number of prestigious awards including the 2013 Agha Khan Award, 2014 Holcim Award for Sustainable Construction, 2013, 2016 RIBA President’s Award for Research. The way they run the studio is very similar to how they run the practice with a combination between design, drawings, testing and making.


Yara Sharif



Guest Critics

Angela Brady (Brady Mallalieu Architects)
Murray Fraser (Bartlett)
Charlotte Catsu
Sun Yan Yee (Grimshaw Architects)
Elliot Ellis Brown
Jane McAlister (London Met University)
Andrew Carr (Brady Mallalieu Architects)
Jake Cripwell
Samir Pandya
Sean Griffiths
Danilo Bulatovic
Ben Stringer
Pete Silver (University of Westminster)



Angela Brady and Andrew Carr (Brady Mallalieu Architects) for their valuable input and ongoing support for the students throughout the year.


This year DS22 explored new social narratives and architectural prototypes to re-inhabit the coastal edge; ones that can re-stitch our crumbling landscape and heal fractured communities. We critiqued the obsession with consumption and land grab at the expense of our ecology – both the physical and the social. We tried through our design interventions to expose the global exploitation of resources under the glitter of capitalism. Not only we looked at environmental ecology, but also social ecology, making sure issues of equality, diversity and right to resources are interrogated. The way we run the studio is very similar to how we run our architecture practice; with a dialectic relationship between making, drawing and testing across different scales. We try to develop the work where small observations of daily practices, inform the concepts and the concepts develop to become responsive design interventions. @ds22westmin