by Salomé




BA Interior Architecture

The under water project is an installation that allows us to project ourselves as if we were under the sea and experience the pollution that marine animals are suffering because of us. The program focuses on climate change and ocean pollution. The site chosen was the Natural History Museum, specifically the lobby, so that visitors would feel included in the movement. These installations and spaces will trigger questions around this issue. There will be several spaces in the hall, which will help the movement to grow and develop. Create structures from this waste from the sea, and give a second life to the waste that pollutes the ocean (reuse technique). The main materials used in the design were plastic bottles, plastic bags, fishing nets and wood; different techniques used to create different textures while keeping the properties of the materials. This allowed me to discover the value of raw materials and to reuse them in a way that gives a purpose to the space. The museum is a place where we learn about the past, why not give the opportunity to learn about the current situation of the world. By doing this, the future generation will feel concerned and will change.