by Mara Julie von Kymmel

A sustainability-oriented proposal for high-rise green roofs and rooftop garden situated in the Keybridge Tower, Vauxhall, a high-risk flood zone in urgent need of greenery. The design engages with the local context to introduce an innovative variety of activities. Various indoor and outdoor activities will connect the residents with nature and spiritually balance their body, mind and soul through different senses. The design of the open spaces is part of a coherent vision for the project to encourage a range of different activities and uses by providing a sequence of legible spaces with a welcoming feel. The open spaces are key elements of the project and were developed in accordance with the principle aim of creating high quality public spaces that are safe and accessible to all of Keybridge’s residents. HIGREENS GARDEN and LOUNGE will provide an attractive setting for the new HIGREENS site and a valuable amenity for the wider community as a whole. This space forms an important piece of public space creating a hub to the HIGREENS project, and an arrival and destination point for the wider community in which people can meet, gather and spend time in.