by Ryan Farhanza Pohan


Ryan Farhanza Pohan



MArch Architecture

In the past, the Yorkshire Dales was considered to be one of the main exporters of lead in Europe. Gunnerside Gill was particularly a significant site for lead mining in the region. A high proportion of lead ore that was dug up came from the ravine. Now, the site has been left abandoned and scarred by the actions of the industry. To repurpose the mining landscape, the Gunnerside College of Agriculture intends to give the site a new lease on life by enhancing its biodiversity through High Nature Value Farming. However, before any agricultural practice can be done, the lead deposits must be removed first. With much of the land being excavated, there is an opportunity to use earth as the main material of the scheme. The college will integrate the essence of the wild to resolve the social, economic, and environmental issues of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.