by Estera Badelita


Estera Badelita



MArch Architecture

A long time ago, the beach at Alang was pristine and unspoiled. Now the place is filled with fumes and toxins, creating two main concerns: the shipbreaking industry’s environmental effects and the human costs. The local seaweed and fishing community is the only stakeholder without any apparent benefit from the industry of Alang. This part of the coast of Gujarat has always been rich in coastal fisheries and seaweed. However, due to the recycling movement and the development of ecological consciousness in the West, the shipbreaking industry was dumped on the underdeveloped Alang without remorse for these actions on human costs. This project particularly picked up on the oil pollution and the workers’ issues in the local shipbreaking industry. By envisioning how the communities have thrived on trading seaweed and fish in the past at Alang, I reimagined how such an industry can reclaim the edge and heal the land. The Healing Dock envisions an opportunistic local community that aspires to be economically, environmentally and socially empowering to Alang and its trades while taking advantage of the shipbreaking industry to rebuild the city.