by Mikaela Tzikakou


Mikaela Tzikakou


BA Interior Architecture

The thematical and structural concept of this project is based around the key word “CYCLE”. The goal is to show the idea of cycle and recycle through the movement in the interior of the Mews. This concept was inspired by the mechanism of the recycled objects i.e bottle caps and vinyl records. The proposal aims to reuse old vinyl records and recycled bottle caps to make art pieces like sculptures and mixed media canvases. The final art pieces will be exhibited in the Gallery on the Ground Floor at the end of each recycling month in Hansard Mews No13. The maker of the art will collect these recycled goods from the local community who will benefit from specialised coupons, discounts and access to the artists’ workspace. These materials will be collected on site through an exclusive slot on the facade of the building. The purpose of ‘The Cycle Studio’ is to motivate, educate and inspire people to reuse their old waste and recycled objects which are often found in their day-to-day life to make something creative. ‘The Cycle Studio’ aims to stimulate the creative side of our brain while also been environmentally conscious of our actions.