by Marie Kaune

The intervention provides a better connection of Birchmere Lake along the western bank with the adjacent neighbourhood. Aiming to introduce 48 2 bed flats and 64 3 bed flats in the first phase of the development, emphasis lays on creating a sustainable and social neighbourhood where existing and new residents can live together and share their everyday life. The creation of various new green spaces as well as the regeneration of the waterfront add unique value to the development. The neighbourhood features a variety of green spaces available to the public, semiprivate and fully private gardens, as well as dedicated green spaces that are not accessible at all. These provide essential habitats for wildlife and protect biodiversity and the local environment. The infrastructure is designed to prioritise people over vehicles with streets mainly consisting of shared surfaces. Drivers are restricted to walking speed when driving through the neighbourhood to protect vulnerable road users such as children and the elderly keeping air and noise pollution at a minimum.