by Ying Yu Ally Fung


Ying Yu Ally Fung


MArch Architecture

Buttertubs Agricultural College is an educational outpost in northeast Yorkshire Dales for N8 AgriFood – an intellectual union between 8 universities in the north of England currently focusing on agricultural sustainability and food resilient research. The college encourages parallel learning between farmers, students and researchers, and aims to help Yorkshire Dales agriculture move towards a more sustainable and profitable future. Yorkshire Dales currently has the least woodland coverage out of England’s 10 national parks, at just 4.1%, even lower than that of 4.5% in London. The project combines woodland regeneration and agricultural sustainability through agroforestry, by transforming the site into a woodland and designing the college responding to its growth. The campus will expand in phases in line with the growth of the woodland, which will support timber production when the trees mature.