by Roksana Wyrwa


Roksana Wyrwa


MArch Architecture

Simon’s Seat Research centre, located on the summit of Wharfedale, provides a global hub for EAPS (Earth, Atmospheric, Planetary Sciences). The proposal provides a secluded facility for live research, aiming to answer the urgent and current environmental matters, fighting for the greatest benefit of the planet and its future. The campus includes an Observatorium (planetarium and observatory), research laboratories and the temple of knowledge (the library). The pure forms of the building envelopes aim to contrast the wild landscape. Pure forms against the disarranged, diverse and secluded wild. Moss will form part of the facades, adding an element of renewable energy and air purification. Overtime, the proposal will be taken over by the wild, draped by moss.

Capturing the texture of the wild piercing the paper to create the roughness of the stone walls.