by Eda Morina

Look Up retail store uses re-cycled paper tubes to display the clients clothes in a unique way, by keeping them scattered all over the site but allowing them to have a hidden aspect. This lets the public to go find the clothes displayed in all corners of the store. The clients concept which is ‘how women in power are continually viewed as witches’, influenced the design process, the clothes being ‘hidden’ shows how women hide their identity or who they are. Also, the paper tubes filling up the entire ceiling, are colour coded to section of the space for it to feel like a new experience the more you go through, and contrast with the concrete below, to highlight the way women in power are perceived and how they actually are contradict one another. This is why the layers of concrete rise towards the paper tubes above. The exhibition structure, has a similar design to church organs, this space feels different from the rest, as the public will learn more about the fashion designers concept behind the clothes and her journey in making them. By creating concrete seating for the public to grasp the information and analyse the space.