by Maja Dworak-Kula

A place of accepted, secret encounters, a modern form of therapy and understanding one’s emotions. With private and semi-private space, The Pocket allows for every scale, extent and kind of affair. My proposal is driven by modernism in the way that one rebels against societal norms, posing adultery as a new rationale, breaking down the sanctioning and and social division that comes with it, emphasising the need for leisure, pleasure and freedom but also, most importantly, deeper understanding to such need for adulterating. My design process stems from film research into the film ‘In the Mood for Love’, as well as research into modernist texts, precedents and seam-stressing. Upon visiting the site on one occasion, I found a coat laid at the entrance gate. Proceeding forensic investigation into sewing, pleating, boning, pinning and folding as well as Kevin Rhowbotham’s book Form to Programme, allowed me to understand the human body as a topography, a merged landscape, which is encompassed by the site. Peter Salter’s drawings and visiting Walmers Yard were of significant impact to my project, impacting the way I have drawn up my project as well and general arrangement of my proposal, tactility and structural forms. Watching the film numerous times as well as investigating how materials manifest visually, I was able to make design decisions for my proposal.