by Taruna Bangia

This redevelopment will take the derelict site of the gasworks in Bromley-by-Bow and transform it into a mixed-use, mixed-income, eco-community, and wildlife habitat all surrounded by a new urban forest. The buildings will be facilitated inside the old gasholder support frames, as they are historically listed structures and need to be preserved. The new mixed-use buildings will feature retail space and public services on the ground floor, then the second and third floor will feature different kinds of workspace and workshops after which from the fourth floor upwards will be residential. The site will feature an urban farm for plants and animals. Additional access will be provided by the nearby transport hub at the West Ham station via a new entrance on the east side of the tracks. The project has as aim to merge eco and urban living in a single development by promoting and engaging in green policies and sustainability practices for its residents. There will be an emphasis on a locality by establishing local consumption through its workshops and small urban farm, as well as upcycling program which will aim to reuse as many materials as possible through the workshops located on site.