by Erphan Mohammadkhani


Erphan Mohammadkhani



BA Architecture

Julie Mehretu who has built her reputation in huge paintings with different layers as their main feature, is an African American artist for whom I have designed this special living place as her home, workshop, meting hall and gallery. To create a quite natural and desirable living place I used wood as the main material of the construction, and I believe this is more artistic and agreeable for artists like her. Furthermore, the house is somehow created in different layers resembling her own art works (three stories each of which having different aspects). There exists a special lighting system that works with the special louvers projecting the light wherever needed letting the artist to decide where the spotlight to be. A special place has been dedicated to cafeteria on the second floor so as to be used as a confronting room for her and the visitors (Students, other artists and the folk) and of course, another space allocated to a gallery to display art works and the methods used.