by Aswin Ferdinand


Aswin Ferdinand


BA Interior Architecture

The Community Carnival Hub is a space where you can transform your normal life into something amazing and new by matching the energy and emotions within the life of a carnival. The aim of this hub is to help those who are afraid of the real world and allow them to run wild within the atmosphere of this hub. The hub houses areas of enjoyment such as carnival games and areas of exotic and new types of food and drinks to try out. A colourful staircase made of glass leading to a viewing balcony for a spectacular view of the performance on stage with live shows hosted by the community. There is also an area to rest and discover new talents and emotions from the people around each other as well as gaining the ability to understand people’s feelings from the inside and not worry about what people look like on the outside. Which is why the transformation phase starts at the entrance of the hub by wearing colourful clothes and masks entering the carnival to start the journey through the hub.

Video of development and design of the Carnival Hub