by Yagmur Sil


Yagmur Sil


MArch Architecture

The Bioplastic Seed Gardens provide a new production centre for women in Kensington, London. Operated by a women community previously lost to South Kensington, offering bio-plastic produced from renewable biomass into the city fabric. The proposal challenges Kensington’s privatisation issue and social status through a production centre presenting a new sense of community. The women initiate the collective through gathering and re-use of food waste, rethinking possibilities of how avocado dye can be used to re-create bioplastic sheets. The process of drying the bioplastic forms the architectural language, with bioplastic sheet panels and perforated skin enriching the façade. Inspired by Fun Palace: Cedric Price, the project proposes a series of units within the lattice frame that promote science, craft and tech workshops as a catalyst for community engagement.